Parole & Probation



As a probation or parole officer, you will encounter angry and aggressive youth and adults.
De-escalation skills specific to each group can improve everyone’s safety. 

  • Do you have specialized knowledge and training necessary to safely intervene and de-escalate such youth and adults?
  • Would you feel safer knowing your training was designed by, with and for probation and parole officers?
  • Would live role playing and interactive video scenarios of actual probation and parole officer encounters with angry youth and adults facilitate more effective learning?


This Training Delivers:

  • Improved officer and client safety
  • Fast reductions of anger and aggression
  • Decreased likelihood of injuries
  • Shorter encounters
  • Reduced liability
  • Enhanced communication
  • Improved community perception
  • Certification

How can DE-ESCALATE improve your safety with angry and aggressive youth and adults?