What Probation and Parole Officers Say


Probation Badge - Extra Small“This is a necessary component of every probation officer’s training. The better we’re able to help a youth and adults keep calm the more likely we are to stay safe and help that youth successfully complete their term of probation. I highly recommend this training.” — Ed Birkel, Nebraska State Probation Administrator

Probation Badge - Extra Small“Probationers simply don’t always have the mindset to stay calm and follow instructions. Our job is to help them through those periods with as little stress as possible. Probation officers who can de-escalate angry or frustrated people are much more likely to help them meet their court-ordered goals and successfully complete their term of probation.” – Frank Jenson, Nebraska Deputy Probation Administrator

Probation Badge - Extra Small“Many people never have a serious issue on probation but when they do it’s important that officers know how to de-escalate them quickly and safely. Probation officers are as much at risk, if not more, than any other law enforcement officer. Our back-up isn’t around the corner so these skills are critical.” — Steve Rowoldt, Chief Probation Officer, Nebraska

Probation Badge - Extra Small“This should have been implemented decades ago. Some of these kids and young adults simply don’t have good coping skills and lash out under stress and we’re in their direct line of fire. We need to be able to de-escalate them and prevent them from exploding.” — Jim Schaefer, Nebraska Probation Officer

Probation Badge - Extra Small“I’m glad this training was developed for probation officers as our job is about getting results with as little resistance as possible. Keeping at-risk clients on task is tough enough without having to deal with their anger toward us, the system or any number of people. This training will help keep us safer.” — Gene Cotter, Nebraska Probation Officer

Probation Badge - Extra Small“As a Chief Probation Officer part of my job is to make sure my officers have the tools they need to get the job done. This is a great tool to have on your belt.” — Jim Fahy, Nebraska Chief Probation Officer

Probation Badge - Extra Small“Juvenile Intensive Supervision Probation is designed for high-risk youth who have shown they have issues following court orders. Anything we can do to help them succeed without incident is welcome and these de-escalation tools are absolutely necessary.” — Therese Voboril, Nebraska Juvenile ISP Coordinator