Schools & Colleges

As a teacher, counselor or administrator, you will encounter angry and aggressive youth and adults.

They will be in your classes and offices.

They will be students and parents.

They may even be colleagues.
Validated de-escalation skills can improve everyone’s safety. 

  • Do you have specialized knowledge and training necessary to safely intervene and de-escalate such youth and adults?
  • Would you feel safer knowing your training was designed by, with and for teachers, counselors and school administrators?
  • Would live role playing and interactive video scenarios of actual school official encounters with angry and aggressive youth and adults facilitate more effective learning?


This training delivers:

  • Improved school official, youth and adult safety
  • Fast reductions of anger and aggression
  • Decreased likelihood of injuries
  • Shorter encounters
  • Reduced liability
  • Enhanced communication
  • Improved community perception
  • Certification

How can 
DE-ESCALATE improve your safety with angry and aggressive youth and adults?