• Tallahassee, FL Training Announcement!

    Police in Class

    FILLED ! Audit seats may be available; call to inquire DE-ESCALATE Training for Law Enforcement Officers (8 hour certification course) will be offered on Wednesday, February 17, 2016 from 0800 to 1700 at the FL Public Safety Institute in Havana, FL. Contacting Jeff Golden, 877-297-8654 or jeff@de-escalate.org.

    The 8 hour DE-ESCALATE certification course is a complete training that will teach officers:
    * the science behind youth frustration, anger and aggression,
    * why youth become aggressive,
    * differences between adult and youth aggression,
    * how to de-escalate angry and aggressive youth using the Youth Aggression Control Model,
    * interactive video scenario de-escalation practice on actual officer/youth incidents, and
    * live youth role play scenario practice.

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